What Is a Body Treatment?

When somebody talks about a body treatment they usually mean that they had a full scrub. But it can’t be explained so simply as there are many more details that go into the procedure of a full body treatment. In short, the full body treatment is a beauty treatment for your whole body, not just your face.

In this treatment, you exfoliate hydrate, cleanse and refresh your skin on your whole body. Once the treatment is done your whole body will be left smelling “fresh”, feeling softer and more relaxed. The most basic treatment of full body treatment is the body scrub, or also known as the body polish.

Here you lay on your stomach on the massage bed and the masseur pours a mixture of salt, lemons and different minerals on your body and begins the scrub. The scrub can be performed with a special rag, with the masseur’s hands or with a soft sponge. Once the scrub is done you take a shower with an aromatherapy soap bar and rinse every part of your old dead skin. When you finish with the shower you again return to the masseur table to again lay down and then the special treatment of detoxification begins. The first thing that is put on you is a mixture of algae, mud, seaweed and once they are placed on your whole body you are wrapped in a blanket that can enhance the rejuvenation process of your skin.

Body Treatment Duration

Once you have been laying wrapped as a burrito in the detoxification materials for about 15-20 minutes you can then again go take the shower to remove the excess dirt and grime that has by now grown on your skin. Further body treatment procedures include a lotion that will be applied to your skin and rubbed in until you no longer have any residue of the cream on your body. This is known as the hydrating treatment of the lotion.

Once you are done with the hydrating part, you have finished a full body treatment. You should now feel younger, more refreshed, and the most important thing of all your skin fill be smoother than a baby bottom.